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The Greek Baltic Chamber of Commerce and Industry funded on 21th January 2005, in Thessaloniki, 34 Mitropoleos Street, with the initiative of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia in Macedonia & Thrace.

It is a non-profiteering union and aims to the strengthening of ties between the contracting countries without any political objectives.


Aim of the chamber is the development of commercial transactions and the promotion of commercial, economical and technological relationship between all the Baltic counties and Greece.
It is a non-profiteering union and aims to the strengthening of ties between the contracting countries without any political objectives.
It is permitted if the council decides it so to be added in the union other countries as well as the present chamber to be part of other similar unions.

The Union's main aims are:
  • To systematically collect from the Baltic countries and Greece the laws, the dispositions, the customs and the economical, financial social, customer and tax customs.
  • To keep contact with the authorities, the organizations, the corporations and the financial authorities of the membership countries with main aim to facilitate the mutual commercial transactions.
  • To offer cooperation between the Embassies of the member-countries and the Greek Authorities on the subjects concerning the increase of the financial relationships between Greece and these countries.
  • To provide information for the enterprises, and the law concerning the dispositions for the market process generally and specific aspects of these for the availability of turnover of goods.
  • To indicate the commercial agents and the official trade delegations of the enterprises.
  • To care for the friendly and arbitration of the commercial differences that arise from the relationships between the enterprises of Greece and the member-countries of our chamber.
  • To obtain the services of lawyers, counselors, interpreters and translators.
  • To offer the biggest possible help to all the people who visit one or more the member-countries for commercial reasons.
  • To edit a bulletin of the chamber that will contain a review of the Chamber's activities and the information for the industrial, commercial and financial sectors of the member-countries.
  • To proceed to each other actions that would consider profitable for the achievement of its purposes.

Responsibilities & Objectives

The Chamber develops the connection and the co-operation with similar chambers or unions for the fulfillment of common programs and initiatives. It promotes the spread of useful information especially the economical ones for the acquaintance and the support of the collaborations of the businesses and the development of the business opportunities of the contracting countries and for the increase the financial, commercial and cultural transactions.

Board of Directors

    S. KOUDA