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The Chamber is consisted of an unlimited number of members and is possible to register as new members persons as well as legal persons. The members of the Chamber will be divided in the:

  A. Full Members
The capacity of membership can be acquired by:
a) All the citizens, adults, residents of Greece who are capable of exercising their civil and political rights and they have good social reputation. They should perform a commercial, industrial or other activity of the third level.
b) All the legal entities of the private or public sector as well as the representatives of all non-European members. These legal entities have to appoint their own delegates who can be candidates for their participation in the board.
Each member has the right to express his or her own views, which should addressed to the President, so that can be comprised in the agenda, after examined by the board.

B. Honors Members
The Chamber can nominate honors members, citizens or legal entities who had already offered or offer currently special services and/or an essential economic contribution for the fulfillment of the Chamber's aims. The honors members are released from their payment an annual subscription and they can participate in the boards without voting rights.

The way of acquiring the membership

The application for registration for the membership of the Chambers should be addressed in writing to the central offices of the Chambers.
The executive committee will do the examination of the application and will propose for membership. The list with the proposals for new members will be presented at the first congregation of the Directors Board for approval.
In case of rejection of the application or in case of doubts, the issue goes to the Board of Directors during its first meeting. The Board of Directors decides accordingly possessing the absolute majority. It is not obligatory for the Board to state the reasons of a possible rejection of the application for membership.
The acceptance of a member is only permanent after the payment of the first installment, which is defined yearly by the Board. The acceptance of membership entails the acceptance of the conditions, which are included within the present articles of the union.
The registration of membership is annual.
Members can be also individuals or enterprises of different nationality, under the condition that they fulfil all the conditions mentioned above.
The duration of membership in the Chamber is annual and it is considered to be renewable annually. The validity of the membership can be cancelled by sending a registered letter within the date of 31st of October of the same year of registration or the following years. After the expiring date the member is obliged to pay the full registration fees for the next year which will be defined by the Board.

Members rights

  Only the full members have the right to enjoy all the services and have access to the information of the Chamber. The administrative and clerical personnel are facilitated throughout its communication with companies and departments of foreign countries.